Business Organizing

Curious about how Living Peace can help you organize your small business or home office?

A Living Peace Small Business/Home Office Organizer can help you organize in order to:
• Spend more time with your family or yourself.
• Create peace of mind by creating a peaceful environment.
• Maximize space to support your current work activities.
• Increase clarity to focus on what is most important and productive for you.

Services We Provide:

At Living Peace, if it can be “organized,” then we can probably help you make it happen.

We work with clients to:
• Manage your email flow more effectively.
• Find your supporting files within 2 minutes or less.
• Increase your small business focus and productivity by improving your workflow process and environment.
• Manage contact relationships and opportunities more effectively with improved contact information and calendaring systems.
• Identify tasks that can be easily delegated and create systems to allow you to communicate more effectively with your support staff.
• Organizing Maintenance Services for clients who need ongoing support to develop and sustain the habits that ensure continuing success.

Here are some common areas where we have helped our small business and home office organizing clients to create more functional, beautiful, and productive spaces:

• Filing Systems & Paperwork Management Systems
• Office Supply Storage Systems
• Mailing/Shipping Centers
• Books/Magazines/CDs/Tapes/etc.
• Contact Management Systems (Paper or Electronic)
• Calendar Systems (Paper or Electronic)
• Day-planners or PDAs
• Work-space setup/Space Planning
• Computer Files
• Operations & Procedure Manuals

What to Expect:

All Living Peace professional organizing work starts with the Organizing Clarity Session. A Free Phone Consultation to help you to understand your small business or home office organizing project and clarify which members of our small business organizing staff would be the best fit to assist with your projects.

With that knowledge in hand, we will schedule your Small Business Organizing Exploration Session during which you will meet with two members of our staff who will be assigned based on the specialties and type of services that you need. During the Small Business Organizing Exploration Session we meet in your space to discuss the challenges you are facing and to create the Plan of Action for your work.

The Small Business Organizing Plan of Action outlines:
• Your goals for various areas of your office and life.
• The action steps necessary to achieve your goals.

Following the Exploration Session, you decide what level of Ongoing Small Business Organizing Support you would like to assist you in achieve the goals you have identified. We frequently schedule ongoing clients on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis as they start their work to help build momentum.

As your projects shift into maintenance mode, you decide if you would like to manage ongoing maintenance of your small business organizing systems yourself or if you would like assistance from your Living Peace Small Business Organizer.

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