Photo Organizing

We know that photos, both print and digital, are highly valued by our clients. Photographs document life’s achievements as well as provide a window into everyday life. If asked, “What would you take in the case of a fire?”; photos are usually in the top ten of that list. So why is it that something that gives us so much joy is often heaped in a box stored in a basement or attic? Why do we often procrastinate organizing our photos until retirement, letting decades go by before we can enjoy our images?

We know it would be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders to get your photos not only organized, but also safely backed up, so that in the event of an emergency your photos are not lost forever. You cannot afford to put off photo organizing until someone graduates, gets married, moves out, or passes away.

Investing now in organizing your photographs means:

• Making it easy to retrieve great images to create gifts, celebration slideshows or photo albums.
• Being surrounded in your home or office with images of cherished memories or loved ones.
• Sharing photos with loved ones who are not digitally savvy.
• Creating montages to put in digital frames.
• Preserving family history.
• No longer worrying if you are going to lose your photos to a disaster.
• Having a backup plan for both print and digital photos.

Here is how we can help:

• Sorting photographs by year or theme into proper storage boxes.
• Guidance in choosing photographs for scanning and album making.
• Preparing and reviewing a personal digital backup plan.
• Creating a personal digital organizing system.
• Properly identifying and dating images so that future family members will know who is who.

Whether you want a road map to help you organize your photos on your own, or have us do it all for you, Living Peace has packages to fit any client’s photo organizing needs and budget.

Photo Organizing Packages


Photo Strategy Session – $225

During a 3-hour, one-on-one session with a Photo Organizer, we will review the current state of your print and digital photograph collections and gather pertinent family history. We’ll discuss your vision for how you would like to enjoy your photos: faster access, better identification, and increased enjoyment of them through albums, framed photos, and slideshows.

After our session, our Photo Organizer will complete and return to you a personalized photo organizing strategy to organize, preserve, digitize and back-up both your print and digital photos. Once you are armed with your photo organizing strategy, you can use this plan to begin organizing your photos.  Don’t think you have to do it all at once or alone, you can reach out to Living Peace for assistance. Contact us to purchase a photo organizing package.


Onsite Assistance – $75 per hour (minimum 3 hour charge)

For three hours each session, you can have a professional working along side you to provide the extra set of hands, guidance, know-how, and accountability you need to make your photo organizing dreams become reality.  Contact us to purchase a photo organizing package.


Offsite Assistance – $75 per hour

Afraid you’ll get bogged down, reminiscing about each photo?  Don’t have enough space or time right now to start such a large project? Our photo organizers can organize both print and digital photographs in a safe offsite location, sending updated statuses so you know the progression of your project and the peace of mind that your photos are safe.  Contact us to purchase a photo organizing package.

Virtual Assistance

Feel confident that you can follow the photo organizing strategy but would love some accountability and a professional to consult whenever you have a question?  Contact us to purchase a photo organizing package.

Isn’t it time to organize your most cherished memories so that they are safely stored, backed up, and easily accessible for all to enjoy?

Contact us today to schedule your Photo Organizing Strategy Session and begin your journey back to your photos and a peaceful state of mind…

Want to give one to someone else? Contact us to purchase a Photo Strategy Session Gift Certificate!