Downsizing & Estates

Has your nest emptied?

Are you ready to create a simpler and more streamlined lifestyle? Do you have multiple homes that you want to merge into one smaller space?

Do you need support in facing the illness or death of a loved one and making decisions about their belongings?

These are all times when you might feel completely overwhelmed and need help navigating and managing the complex logistical and emotional process involved in Home Downsizing and Estate Organizing.

What makes our Home Downsizing and Estate Organizing Services different:

• All our team members are specifically trained, compassionate, and committed professional organizers.

• We are aware of the emotional challenges and overwhelm involved in large and sensitive organizing projects and life transitions.

• We have a proven ability for excellent communication, effective collaboration, and established trust among our team members, which leads to a powerful and reliable experience and outcome for you.

Our Services:

Experienced Project Managers  You will be assigned an experienced Project Manager who will be your primary contact throughout your project. She will be on-site consistently during your project to supervise our team and the home downsizing project, coordinate with outside vendors, and communicate with you about the progress and your needs.
Vendor Referrals – We can connect you to appropriate appraisers, moving & packing companies, donation resources, trash & disposal resources, real estate agents, professional stagers, auction houses.
Inventory Assessment videos and/or digital photos – Digital Photos and/or videos of sorted items can be provided for inventory or assessment purposes.
Secure hosting of online video and photos – Videos of progress and any specific items can be uploaded to a password-protected website to allow family members anywhere to see items, make requests and decisions about what they would like.
Fully Insured – All our Home Downsizing Team members are fully insured.

What we are not and why it matters:

Our team of professional organizers knows how to effectively sort and move through such a project from beginning to end. We bring an enormous level of experience, honor, and compassion to every thing we touch and every action we take as part of your home downsizing project. These are the loved items of a lifetime, and they should be treated with appropriate honor.

We are professionals, who are committed to achieving the best results for YOU in a supportive and non-judgmental manner. We are unattached to the items and the outcome allowing us to guide your home downsizing project with integrity and authenticity toward the outcome that is right for your situation.

What to Expect:

We start with an Exploration Session to assess your needs and get an overview of the project. Frequently this will include meeting with the family members or other involved parties and discussing expectations. Depending on what we learn in this session, we will either recommend that you work individually with one of our trained professional organizers at the pace that feels right to you or we may recommend that we bring in a full team of organizers to move your project forward more quickly.

If we decide together to use a team of organizers for your project, then
1. We create your Home Downsizing Project Plan which includes an outline of the major milestones, the necessary steps for each of us to complete in order to succeed, recommended vendors to provide additional services, and an estimated timeline for the work.
2. We begin Team and Resource Coordination. We work with you and our organizers to schedule either one-on-one or organizing team days. You have final selection of all outside vendors, but we can also provide coordination and scheduling of those resources if requested.
3. Supervise project milestones. We prefer to have you or your trusted representative available onsite for all one-on-one organizing days and some section of any team organizing day. This insures that your needs and wishes are being considered and respected, and that you get to know and appreciate the efforts of the team in their progress.
4. Project Wrap-up and Completion. We aim to satisfy all your needs, and if you choose to have our Project Manager oversee outside vendors involved in the project, then she will remain committed and available to you through all steps of distributing, donating, and preparing the property for sale. We hope to be both a trusted resource and a support network for you during this challenging life transition.

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