Organizing Spices for Travel

Traveling to a lake house every summer has made me somewhat of an expert of all things travel-sized.    We rent a cottage and while the “fully stocked kitchen” might sound perfect, experience has shown that the contents of said kitchen can’t always be trusted.  It wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t love cooking […]

7 Tips to Add Wellness to Your Daily Life

In our very busy modern lives, we tend to run from one appointment to the next, jumping from task to task as if we were in a race of “who-can-get-more-done-in-a-day.”  But how do we feel at the end of the day?  If it’s tired, grumpy, frazzled, or stressed, it’s time to take a fresh look […]

What “Glee” Taught Me About Organizing.

What “Glee” Taught Me About Organizing.

It just so happens that my kids and I are “Gleeks”, the term used for fans of the show.  It’s one of the few programs on TV that we can agree on and watch together.  But it was a recent episode where I found myself especially enthralled – the cast was dealing with issues of […]

Asking for Help from Children

As a SuperMom wanna-be, I want to believe that I can do anything and everything for everyone in my life. I want to feed my kids delicious and healthy meals, keep a clean and neat home, perform my work duties efficiently and successfully juggle all of the errands while putting out fires as they occur.  […]

To Make or Not to Make the Bed

Funny how there are just some topics that stir up quite a bit of debate – something that folks feel strongly about and love to convince others to join “their side” of the argument.  Making the bed is one of those topics.  Whenever it comes up in conversation, whether it’s with my other mom-friends, organizer […]

An Overwhelming Inbox

Recently, I did some work in a small office.  Because it was a small office, there were a few things that just never got done.  One of them was regular checking and organizing the email inbox.  The first time I opened this office’s email account, I found more than 500 emails sitting in the inbox.  […]