Greeting Card Organizer: A beautiful way to stay in touch

I can remember working with several clients who had MASSIVE greeting card collections. A few of them would have needed several bins to contain all these categories, but the principle hold true that at least organizing by type of card and labeling each section clearly will make it MUCH easier to find a good card […]

Storage Under Stairs: A GREAT use of wasted space

I have seen some excellent concepts to utilize the space under your stairs, but I think this one takes the cake for amazing functionality. Just pull out the section you want and everything is right at hand. Brilliant!   Source: via Erin on Pinterest    

Magnetic Meal Planning Board

I just found this great concept for a Magnetic Meal Planning Board, and I think we might try this in our house. Source: via Erin on Pinterest     It’s a little DIY, but it doesn’t seem too hard. With some magnet paper, a printer, and a magnetic whiteboard calendar on our fridge this […]

Create Quick Kits for Everything

One of my favorite ideas was recently captured in this Pinterest pin about creating quick kits for all your activities and needs. Source: via Erin on Pinterest     I have little personal care kits in my briefcase & purse. I’ve helped clients create kits to entertain their kids in the car, to take […]