Create space to grow in your home, in your life

I’m very excited to be working with 3 different groups this January to offer Healing Your Home: Releasing, Cleansing, and Healing Your Space. The first event is tomorrow, Saturday, January 9th at the Newbury Town Library. See our event calendar for details. I feel very passionately about this topic because it speaks to the deep […]

The Giver Always Receives More

The Giver Always Receives More

At this time of year, we are surrounded by the spirit of giving and generosity. As a Professional Organizer, I have experienced that every day, with every client, we have the opportunity to both give and receive gifts of exceptional value.  We give our clients two things: our attention and our advice. However, when framed […]

When Personal and Professional Worlds Collide Online!

The Old World of Separate Lives We have been taught for decades that we have different spheres in our lives: personal friends, family, and professional relationships (to name just a few). We are many things at once: Wife/husband/partner Parent/Grandparent Professional/Employee/Manager/Executive Friend Community member/volunteer   With the Industrial Revolution, our working lives increasingly moved out of […]

5 Strategies to Survive Life’s Transitions

Our lives are full of transitions… Whether due to the challenging economy, the change of seasons, or the Back-to-School rush, many of us are experiencing a life transition that we’re trying now to navigate. Your transition may be routine (like preparing your closet for winter), or it may include a new home, new job, new […]