Using Feng Shui to “Spring Clean” Your Business

Recently I had to the pleasure to participate in a Facebook group for using Feng Shui to “spring clean” my business.  In addition to my work as a Professional Organizer, I am also a massage therapist, and am opening my own business.  Since there are no coincidences, I came across a fellow professional organizer’s offer to participate in her 5-week success group, which focused on the Business Bagua (feng shui map based on the traditional tool to analyze the energy of your space;here is an example.)

Dorena Kohrs, of Space Doula is a practitioner of Interior Alignment and a Certified Clutter Clearing Coach (using the Linn Method).  In our Facebook group, each week she would have us focus on one area of the bagua as it related to our businesses.  As a professional organizer, you would think that I wouldn’t have anything to declutter in my own space, right?  Well, this was a fine-tuning of my space to be sure!

Dorena would have us focus on and declutter each section of the bagua, and then offer things to help energize the space (e.g. crystals and oils, shapes, etc) based on the qualities of that particular area.  I was able to declutter even more books, old training materials, and other things that were useful at one time but no longer aligned with my current interests.  She asked us to reflect on questions like “What is holding you back in your business?” and “What do I want to be known for in my business?”.

It was incredibly helpful to be part of an online support group while going through this process, as I didn’t feel alone.  To hear other people’s stories about their own struggles and victories was energizing to me, and inspiring.  I was able to accomplish some big steps in starting my business, and I know some of that energy came from focusing on my business with intention and clearing blockages that may have been limiting me.

Dorena will be running another success group around this so feel free to reach out to her if you are interested in participating!

About Melissa Belliard

Melissa is committed to helping her clients find the organizing system that works for them, with compassion and creativity. She has been helping her friends and family get organized for years, and loves decluttering closets and cabinets, especially for empty nesters and folks who are downsizing. Melissa brings her 16 years of experience as a Human Resources professional to her work, including compassionate listening, leadership, and creative problem-solving skills. Melissa is also a part-time massage therapist, and has raised two great kids. She loves being out in nature, listening to music and dancing, as well as bringing women together in community.

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