Downsizing tips for moving into an Assisted Living

Let’s face it moving is never easy. But when you’re moving from a three bedroom home into a one bedroom apartment in an Assisted Living it’s a whole different ball game. Where are you going to put all your stuff? How are you going to choose what stays and what goes? Where and how do you begin? The good news is that the move itself will be much easier since you won’t be bringing everything. You might also surprise yourself with how much lighter and energetic you feel after you’ve purged. Remember that most Assisted Livings have an active community life where residents often spend much of their time out of their apartments, so you won’t need as much stuff to keep you busy. The Danes say “more life less stuff”, and they’re the happiest people in the world! So here are 7 steps to get you started.

Step 1
Visit your new apartment and visualize where your things can go. Take measurements for large items like the bed and the sofa

Step 2
Make a list of the necessary items you’ll bring with you ie: bed, sofa, clothes, TV…

Step 3
Make a list of sentimental items you absolutely can’t live without ie: choice family photos, a favorite piece of art, a homemade gift from your grandchild…

Step 4
Give remaining items of sentimental value to family members ie: heirlooms you want to stay in the family

Step 5
Sell items that your family doesn’t want ie: antiques, appliances, tools, decorative items…

Step 6
Donate remainder of items ie: clothes you no longer wear, extra kitchen supplies, extra bedding…

Step 7
Have fun because this new chapter in your life is going to be full of happy unexpected surprises!

About Audrey Cina

An Accredited Staging Professional with BA in psychology and 22 years of experience as a mental health counselor on a locked inpatient psychiatric unit. Audrey is the newest member of the Living Peace team. She is passionate about working with seniors and staging model apartments as well as residential properties.

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