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We’re so thrilled to partner with Red Door DesignWorks on this blog post. This talented team is located out of Arlington, MA and specializes in home staging, renovation assistance and interior design.  Enjoy… These ladies know what they’re talking about!

Ever come home from a long day of chaos at the office, only to find your stress level increases as soon as you walk into your home? Find that you are overcome with the clutter in the living room or the amount of clean up in the kitchen? We find that our homes can provide us with a sense of calm and tranquility and should serve as a respite from our busy lives, but often times are not meeting that need. Helping to establish places of visual rest, where the eyes have breaks from clutter and busyness, can begin to transform your space. Here are some general tips to move your home in this direction.

1. Walls and Doors
While the open floor plan is popular for the sense of spaciousness it lends and communal gathering it supports, one of its drawbacks is… there aren’t many walls! We like walls and doors, for providing visual breaks and the ability to close off an area–such as a messy kitchen or office, or a kid’s playspace. Being able to retire to a well-organized and peaceful space, and take a breather from clutter and zones that need attention can help restore the spirit.

2. Storage Furniture
Similar to our affection for walls and doors is our appreciation of storage furniture. We often recommend clients add doors to their bookcases, leaving some shelves exposed for display and converting some to closed cabinets for housing utility items like albums, games, CDs, etc. Purchasing baskets in which to keep blankets or mudroom items, employing storage coffee tables to hold remotes, video game controllers, and more — these are all strategies we employ to minimize visual clutter.

3. Window Coverings
Thoughtfully managing your exterior views is another way to calm your living environment. For houses situated on busy streets, we often recommend top-down-bottom-up shades, which enable homeowners to maintain a view of the treetops and sky, while filtering out street-level commotion. Combined with lined heavy-weight drapery, it is also possible to dampen outdoor noise. For windows that don’t have troubling views, the use of shades or curtains that filter light are still useful in setting a calming or romantic mood.

4. Lighting
A very important, but often overlooked element that can transform a home from uncomfortable to quiet oasis is lighting. High wattage lighting in blue-ish to super-white hues can keep the nervous system in high gear. For a restful room, opt for soft yellow-hued lighting, in dimmable or lower wattages. Table lamps and floor lamps can provide more welcoming illumination than overhead lighting, and give you more ability to set the tone for your interior space.

About Red Door DesignWorks: We are a Boston-area firm specializing in Home Staging, Renovation Assistance and Interior Decor. We love color, mixing styles and bringing our artistry to living and working environments. Collaborating with our clients to express their distinct personality is our greatest joy. Contact us today!

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