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As a Boston moving company and partner to Living Peace, we at Olympia Moving & Storage have seen that moving is the perfect opportunity to re-organize your life. In your new house, you can hit reset with your home design, belongings, and habits. However, if you’re looking for a new start, the process begins well before you even list your house for sale.


Decluttering is the essential first step when planning a move for several reasons:

1. Decrease the cost of movers. The number of things you have is directly correlated to the price of hiring movers. If you’re moving locally, it will take more time to move, which drives up the bill. If you’re moving interstate, the price is based on the actual weight of your household goods, which means every pound you move adds cost! Before packing something into a moving box, think to yourself, is this really worth moving?

2. Increase the sale price of your home. When your house is jammed with personal items and too much furniture, it makes the space feel smaller and your personal style can make it difficult for a buyer to visualize themselves living there. Did you know that decluttered and staged homes spend less time on the market and sell for higher prices? Decluttering before you list really pays!

3. Get get a fresh start in your new home. Even if you’re not downsizing, every thing you own is necessarily a good fit for the new house. Maybe you’re ready to upgrade furniture, seek a more cohesive look for certain rooms, or taking the move as an opportunity to simplify. 

Here’s some resources to declutter before a move:

1. Store what you want to move to the next home. If you need to free space for staging but still want those items for the new house, hire Olympia Moving’s crew to pack and remove the clutter and they’ll store it for FREE (up to 2 vaults for 3 months)!

2. Donate gently used furniture and belongings. Help a local family in need and declutter sustainably. Donate clothes, kitchenware, toys, and furniture to local charities, Goodwill, or the Salvation Army. Olympia can also take furniture you want to donate to their partner charity on declutter day.

3. Hold a yard sale. Make some extra cash and say goodbye to unwanted belongings. You can also hold a virtual yard sale by listing items on Craig’s List, Facebook Marketplace, and apps like LetGo.

4. Dispose. Everything else will have to be recycled or thrown away. Olympia Moving can take some furniture away for disposal on your declutter day. If you have significant volume to trash, then you might consider getting a quote from a junk company.

5. Work with a home organizer. Organizers like those at Living Peace have done pre-move declutter many times before and can help categorize your belongings for the above options.

Ready to schedule your declutter move, or need a free quote for a full move? Contact Eddie McDaid at Olympia Moving & Storage at 617-231-1206 or request a quote at

About Sara Luisa Valverde

Supporting people in organizing, time-management, and simplifying has always come naturally for Sara. She´s had the opportunity to hone this skillset in her professional career, most recently while supporting three (incredibly busy) senior professors at Harvard Business School, and while working within a clinical research team at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Since June 2015, she has worked as an independent yoga teacher, specializing in un-learning habitual posture patterns that get in one´s way. Sara honors the act of organizing as both an internal and external process. Her approach is to keep it simple, so you have the mental and physical space for maintaining clarity and peace of mind. She loves that her services in professional organizing bring together two passions: internal and external de-cluttering. She thrives on living a minimalist lifestyle, living as a full-time liveaboard on her beloved sailboat.

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