Planning, Setting Goals + Intentions with Bullet Journaling – Part 2 – Living Peace Tuesday Tip

In today’s Tuesday tip, Sara Valverde, Living Peace Professional Organizer highlights some of the things you can do with a bullet journal and shows us a few of her own pages that help to keep her organized and on track with her goals.

Some useful links to get started with your own bullet journal:

Bullet Journal® – Get Started

Tiny Rays of Sunshine – Thorough Guide to the Bullet Journal System 



About Sara Luisa Valverde

Supporting people in organizing, time-management, and simplifying has always come naturally for Sara. She´s had the opportunity to hone this skillset in her professional career, most recently while supporting three (incredibly busy) senior professors at Harvard Business School, and while working within a clinical research team at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Since June 2015, she has worked as an independent yoga teacher, specializing in un-learning habitual posture patterns that get in one´s way. Sara honors the act of organizing as both an internal and external process. Her approach is to keep it simple, so you have the mental and physical space for maintaining clarity and peace of mind. She loves that her services in professional organizing bring together two passions: internal and external de-cluttering. She thrives on living a minimalist lifestyle, living as a full-time liveaboard on her beloved sailboat.

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