The Ins & Outs of Organizing Your Photos

Are you one of the many who are putting off organizing your photos even though they may be one of your most valued possessions?

Ever wonder why?

The idea of starting to organize your print and digital photos is overwhelming.

Organizing 1000 of anything can seem overwhelming without a strategy in place.

Photos are not vocally begging for your attention unlike family members or bosses.

The only time photos are begging for your attention is when your smartphone demands more space so it can take more photos.

There is usually no immediate pressure to remedy the situation, unlike the stress you would experience if say a bill collector were calling you.

The only time the pressure is on to organize your photos is because someone needs access to them ASAP. There is nothing like a major life event such as weddings, graduations, and funerals to renew your desire to bring order to your photo collection.

You’ve already invested in obtaining the high-end cameras, smart phones, and computers to take and store photos that you can’t justify spending more resources on preserving them.

According to the company Mylio, a photo organizing system developer, if we look at the “conservative” estimate that an average person will take 3 photos per day every day for 2017, we will add just over 1000 new photos to our already large print and digital photos collection.

Ironically, we invest in these tools because we want to capture our life in the best way possible. It only makes sense to follow through with organizing and preserving your photos so that you and the generations after you, can enjoy those wonderful memories.

If you can relate to any of the above reasons, you’ll want to follow my blog series:
Make 2017 the Year to Organize Photos

Each month I will explore the ins and outs of organizing your print and digital photos as well as laying out the options for preserving them long term. Hopefully, by the end of 2017 you will have your best photos identified and protected.

By the way, if you have more reasons for why you procrastinate organizing your photos, please add it to the comments below. I want to provide everyone with insights and the motivation to take action this year.







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Gabriela's mission is to empower her clients with the tools and motivation they need to get and stay organized. Prior to becoming a Professional Organizer, Gabriela worked in a photograph archive as well as several university archives, assisting offices, administrators, and retiring academics to sort through their files for preservation or disposal. She became a professional organizer in 2007 working as an independent consultant before joining Living Peace. When Gabriela is not learning new ways to organize photos or paper both physically and electronically, she is spending time on what matters most to her: visiting with family and friends, reading a good mystery book, or cooking a tasty meal.

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