Shift Happens! Changing Perspective

 I love this time of year. For me, September means new beginnings, new things to learn, new possibilities to explore.

I heard an ad on the radio once for a college program designed to help people who don’t fit the traditional structure. A student is heard saying:“It’s not that I can’t learn. It’s just that I learn differently”. 

Learning differently. What a useful perspective!

People are not always born with organizing ability but learn organizing skills. Maybe your “teacher” taught you skills that worked for them but not necessarily for you.

There’s a wealth of good information out there about various learning styles. Some folks are visual, some auditory, some tactile – each with a different way of learning, processing and remembering. A good organizer can help you figure out the style that works best for you and teach you organizing skills in the way you can best use them.

Someone once asked me if a professional organizer is “just like a parent telling people to ‘Go clean up your room!’”

No. Not even close.

Professional organizers may be experts, but never scold you like a parent. Instead, we guide you along a path. Whether you work with a professional organizer or are making changes on your own for now, open yourself to possibility.

When working with a client we ask questions to help you understand your own priorities and values. We help you recognize what you are already doing well.

We customize a system with you that you can maintain, encourage you if you get frustrated, overwhelmed or confused. We offer ideas and suggestions that allow you to maintain control of your space. It is your space and your life.

We also work alongside you and get our hands dirty as you make decisions to improve your life.

Sounds kind of exciting, huh?

Imagine what your life would be like if you thought of yourself as a person who can be more organized if presented the skills in a way you could use them best instead of thinking of yourself as hopelessly disorganized. How much possibility do you open up with this simple change in perspective?

Welcome to the season of starting fresh…Let shift happen.

Ask yourself, what are your priorities and values? What are you doing well when it comes to organizing? What 1 organizing challenge can you decide to improve right now?


Image: Aaron Burden

*Content updated and re-published on 9/22/16. Original blog post written by Susan Stone, Living Peace alum.


About Danne Saring

Danne is the Virtual Administration behind the scenes at Living Peace. She lends a unique skill set, that combines her diverse organizational, accounting and administrative backgrounds with her heart’s passion for creativity – in art and life. If you were to ask her why she loves working at Living Peace, she would tell you – “It’s all about the people and the holistic approach that makes Living Peace; I work with amazing people and we do work with amazing people … Just having an opportunity to help others make such wonderful changes in their lives…to bear witness and share in the joy that follows – well it doesn’t get much better than that!”

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