Living Little – Think you could you do it?

Living Little, Going Tiny … Small houses.  Have you seen or heard of them?  They are houses that look like a scaled down version of a house, basically the size of a shed or one car garage. Some of the tiny houses are on wheels and others on foundation and range typically from 100 square feet to 280 square feet.

The concept of living under a smaller footprint that has become popular over the past decade to people looking to downsize their lives. Can you imagine living in an RV or small space – All… The … Time?

You can do a search on “tiny houses” and gather great information, plans and find tons of images if you are planning on “Going Small” or if you want to get a better idea of what living in a small house involves. You may even come up with a little visual inspiration on storage ideas and use of space you never thought possible. You can find blogs like the Tiny House Blog and for images, search Pinterest – Tiny Houses. You’ll get enough images there to get a pretty good idea of the whole concept.   

I am in awe of the cleaver use of space in these homes. Dining tables that fold down when not in use, beds that are lofted above the living space and how they utilize storage. When I look at the concept I commend the people who have taken the leap to live little. Especially people who share their living space with a spouse/partner or children.  I suspect you have to be very tidy to pull off this living arrangement.  I also suspect living in a warmer climate that lends itself to spending lots of time outdoors would also be beneficial.

Even if you are like me and not brave enough to actually move into a tiny house, do you think you could downsize your belongings to only the items you could fit in your tiny house with you?  This would really force you to think about what functional items you use all the time (such as cookware items, personal care/toiletries and entertainment) versus sentimental or “only use once a year” kind of items.  Putting your current belongings in this perspective of going with you to your tiny house may help you re-evaluate just how important your belongings are.

Oh and family get togethers in a tiny house? I can’t even imagine hosting a holiday dinner in a little house.  Good excuse to go to a restaurant!


Image: ProtoHaus

Image as mentioned in Article Decorating Small Spaces: Inspiration from Ten Tiny Houses

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