Learn How-to Manage Tasks Series – Living Peace Tuesday Tip

Let’s talk about Task Management. Did you know that learning how-to manage your tasks can lead to success not only in completing your organizing project but can help in creating new habits, maintain your organization systems and add ease to your everyday.

In this Video Series, Erin Elizabeth Wells, Living Peace Professional Organizing Founder walks you through the basic habits and systems you will need to manage your everyday. 


Part 1: The Basics

In this video, Erin discusses the basic habits and systems you will need to manage your everyday tasks.


Part 2: Creating a Master Task

In this video Erin explains the different ways one can create a master task list, be it digital or hand written.


Part 3: Choose 1 Thing & Get it Done!

In this video Erin explains the importance of Intentionality in choosing the tasks that we accomplish in our day.



Part 4: Horizons of Focus

In this final video, Erin explains how you create the priority in your Master List.

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