Product Review – Container Store Clear Storage Bins

In the Living Peace approach to organizing, utilizing bins and containers is step four in our five step process.  While we don’t advocate using bins and containers for the sake of it, there are certainly times when utilizing a tool will help facilitate an organizing system.  

One style of bin I use frequently are the clear storage bins from the Container Store.

Now, what makes these containers different from containers I could get at Target or the Dollar Store?  Here are my top reasons for preferring these bins:


  • They are clear plastic so contents can be viewed easily
  • The weight of the plastic is substantial enough to last for some time
  • The style of the bins has been the same for years
  • Label maker labels stick nicely to the plastic and come off cleanly


If there’s one thing I hate, it is going to the store to try to buy the same bin I had purchased years before only to discover the exact style is no longer made by the manufacturer.  There are comparable alternatives, but they do not match exactly.  This is especially annoying with lids that are not interchangeable.  I am also a fan of the simple design and lines of the container.

Now, it is not strictly necessary to always be concerned about a bin matching or being compatible with an existing system, but sometimes it is nice to keep the aesthetic the same.  I used this style of bin in my son’s closet, and I know they will fit and stack nicely.  I also know exactly where I purchased them (as they say “The Container Store” on the lid) so adding more to the collection is easy.

When it comes to price, these containers will likely cost a little more up front, but they will also last.  The appeal of the $1 bin from the Dollar Store is nice, but in reality the plastic is often brittle and breaks shortly after purchase.  I have been using these containers in my pantry and closets for years and have yet to see one break.  For me, it was worth paying a little extra up front to have an aesthetic I liked and a system I could stick with for a long time.  Also, The Container Store frequently has sales on these bins and they have been known to add additional sizes allowing more versatility.

One slight downside to these containers, the price tag stickers are ridiculously difficult to remove.  I don’t like leaving the stickers on but also dislike the look of a scratched off label.  I used to try the WD-40 soaking trick then scraping with a razor blade.  This not only took a decent amount of time, it left the plastic scuffed.  Then my mum clued me into a little trick – aim a blow dryer at the sticker for 10-15 seconds.  This will loosen the adhesive on the sticker allowing you to peel it off leaving no residue. Amazing! Short of The Container Store changing their stickers, this trick has worked well for me. 

What are some of your Bin Solutions? Do you already use bins from The Container Store? How did mum’s little trick work for you? Share your comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

The Container Store website

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