Command Central: The “Don’t Forget” Zone


You’re busy trying to run out the door to get to work, school or make that appointment on time.  In the frenzy to get yourself ready, you have to remember all those little items to take with you; handbag, cell phone, car keys, water bottle, the list goes on.  Then there are those days where you have a piece of mail to get into the mailbox or a book to return to the library.  

How do you avoid getting in your car and down the street without having that, “Oh poo!” moment. It’s that moment when you realize you forgot something important.

This was something that came up with a client who felt she needed some help in this area of her world.  In my home, I call the spot where I leave my handbag, the diaper bag, and where paid bills wait to go to the mailbox the “Transition Zone.” For my client, the term of choice was “Command Central.”  Having one consistent spot where items can live and you can be sure to see them on your way out the door will help preserve your brain power, keep you calm and in control, and just plain help you get stuff done!

Choose a title for your transition zone that feels right for you.  My client is a huge Captain America fan so the concept of creating a space that feeds off the energy of Command Central was motivating for her.  We took it a step further and posted a picture of Captain America in his Command Central just above the counter.  This also helps to remind her to not let other things accumulate on that counter.  

Make the space appealing to your aesthetic and the right size to fit your needs.  The table I use for my transition zone is about 12×12 inches.  Enough to hold the bags I need, but not so big it invites the placement of other unnecessary items.

If you still don’t trust you’ll remember everything you may need, create a checklist to leave on your transition zone to jog your memory just before getting out the door.  There’s nothing worse than getting down the street (or worse, your destination) and realizing you forgot something you intended to bring. 

About Hillary Adams Case

Hillary believes you should never have to question where your keys are; everything has a home. After helping friends and family to get organized for years, they finally encouraged her to make professional organizing her career. Committed to always learning new skills and techniques, Hillary is constantly expanding the ideas she brings to working with her clients. With a joy and passion for finding “Green” solutions, Hillary is delighted to help clients find ways to dispose of items through recycling and donation in order to live lighter on our planet. When not working as an organizer, Hillary enjoys being at the ocean and “using her green thumb” with houseplants. Hillary is also an animal-lover and advocates the need to create healthy space in our homes for ourselves and our four-legged friends.

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