Refocusing Techniques and Grounding Methods

  • Before I enter a client’s house for an organizing session, I always take a moment to breath in and out slowly three times.
  • Before every staff meeting at Living Peace, we close our eyes and take a few moments to meditate.
  • Whenever I hunker down to write a blog post, I will set an alarm every thirty minutes to give me a five minute break. During that break I will usually stretch and get a cold cup of water to give my brain a wake up call.

These are all different techniques that I use in my life to help me stay grounded and focused. Everyone’s life is different, but all of us can benefit from being focused and grounded in our every day tasks. These are just a few simple tips to help people who are looking to become a little more relaxed in their every day lives.
If you are looking for a long term solution to being a sharper and more grounded person, meditation is the way to go
Most people, now a days, would argue that they don’t have enough time in their day to meditate for several hours trying to clear their thoughts. Luckily, the modern age has an app for everything. The one that we like to use in the office before our meetings is Buddhify (  It comes with quick-guided meditations that can help you clear your mind and focus within minutes.

Earlier I mentioned taking frequent breaks in between work. I also mentioned drinking a glass of very cold water. I do this because most people have a rhythm for how much focus time they have until their mind starts to wander. So the breaks help me to take a step back and refocus. As for the cold water, it’s about as close as I am willing to get to splashing water on my face. It’s also a lot cleaner to drink it and not waste the water. Keeping yourself hydrated will also keep you focused.

When it comes to being grounded, I find it’s a good idea to actually think about the ground. This is accomplished by visualizing that you are sending a grounding cord of your energy deep into the ground. Or something I like to visualize is a tree growing its roots to make itself as grounded as possible. This can help when you know you are going to be dealing with a stressful or highly emotional situation.

The simplest rule to remember is to just be compassionate with yourself when you do lose focus. It is only natural for the mind to wander, it’s just what it does! When it comes to being grounded, taking a step back and taking a few deep breaths can make most situations a little bit better.

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