Wedding Task Lists- Living Peace Tuesday Tips

Erin Elizabeth Wells, Living Peace Founder and CEO, shares with you some of the lists she created to help keep her wedding planning orderly.

Task/Project Lists

  • Wedding Projects List
  • Wedding Task List (Organized by Month)
  • Assigned Task List (by Person)
  • Meeting Agendas (by person/vendor) (List of questions/topics to discuss)


  • Week-of Timeline
  • Day-of Timeline

Packing Lists

  • Bride’s Prep Packing List
  • Groom’s Prep Packing List
  • Ceremony Packing List
  • Reception Packing List
  • Honeymoon Packing List
  • Bride’s Emergency Kit Checklist
  • Groom’s Emergency Kit Checklist
  • Logistics Emergency Kit Checklist


  • Budget Worksheet
  • Expenses Log


  • Guest List/RSVP Spreadsheet
  • Vendor Contact List
  • Key Players List


  • Ceremony Script (including processional/recessional order & music)
  • Ceremony Floor Plan
  • Reception Floor Plan
  • Shopping List
  • Must-Have Photos List

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