Shoe Organizer Series- Part 1

In working with my clients, shoe organizing inevitably comes up.  Some clients have systems in place that work for them; others are looking for some new ideas.  

I thought it would be fun to compose a series of blog posts featuring the pros and cons of different shoe organizing systems.  Not every system will be good for everybody, so you’ll have to check back frequently to see what comes next!

I encourage you to leave a comment if you have tried any of the systems covered in this series and have input to share.

Today’s featured shoe organizing system is…

A Built in Wall of Shoes


  • Easy to view
  • Easy to access
  • Can be aesthecially pleasing
  • Encourages use of more shoes
  • May be an option for those remodeling a dressing room or building a new home
  • Requires a signifant amount of space
  • Shoes are exposed to dust and other elements
  • Not condusive to tall shoes such as boots
  • May be difficult to interact with for those people with mobility challenges
  • May be difficult for shorter people to reach higher shelves without aid of a stool


About Hillary Adams Case

Hillary believes you should never have to question where your keys are; everything has a home. After helping friends and family to get organized for years, they finally encouraged her to make professional organizing her career. Committed to always learning new skills and techniques, Hillary is constantly expanding the ideas she brings to working with her clients. With a joy and passion for finding “Green” solutions, Hillary is delighted to help clients find ways to dispose of items through recycling and donation in order to live lighter on our planet. When not working as an organizer, Hillary enjoys being at the ocean and “using her green thumb” with houseplants. Hillary is also an animal-lover and advocates the need to create healthy space in our homes for ourselves and our four-legged friends.

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