Planning a Meal Rotation to Avoid Eating Out

Last year was tough for our family. We are working at maximum capacity with very little margins, both in terms of time and finances.

Unfortunately, one of the first things I neglect when I’m tired and stressed is meal planning. Let’s just say that, after last year, the restaurants in the area know us by name, and the pizza delivery guy doesn’t need to ask our address anymore.

We’re on a bit of a breather this summer, but come September we are going to be back at the breakneck pace. I know it’s just for a short season of our lives, but I also know how prone we are to eating out. So I’m doing a pre-emptive strike. I’m going to plan a month’s worth of menus now: Four weeks of easy meals that we like which share common ingredients.

Planning ahead now will:

  • Save me from having to create a new menu each week
  • Save me time in making grocery lists
  • Save us money eating out
  • Save our waistlines from expanding

After the four weeks is over, we’ll just start over again. Four weeks is enough to give us some variety.

I’m also considering using a grocery delivery service, like Peapod. It feels very extravagant, but I know it would save us money in the long run.

The goal is to make meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal preparation as simple and automated as possible. If it’s not simple and easy, it won’t happen.


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