Erin’s Radio Interview with Mike Bonacorsi- Holistic Organizing

Erin Elizabeth Wells, Founder and CEO of Living Peace, joined Mike Bonacorsi once again on his weekly radio show on Tuesday, June 13, 2012 on Nashua’s 1590AM.

Bonacorsi, a Certified Financial Planner, focuses his work on the Baby Boomer generation and preparing them for retirement.

Mike and Erin were joined by Denyne Sanville, Interior Designer.  The three spoke about the meaning of holistic organizing in their respective work.  You can hear the broadcast here.

Erin has been a guest on Bonacorsi’s radio show four times before.  Those interviews can be heard here: September 6, 2011,  March 29, 2011, November 2, 2010 and June 29, 2010.

If you have trouble with the Quicktime Plugin, then here’s a link to access the recording:


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