Clutter Management: Donate to Create Space for New Items

Whether it’s that new linen blouse that I saw in the store window or that hot-off-the-press, enticing novel, the question still whispers in my head…

Do I really need it?  

Trying to decide what we really want and need can often be a challenge as we work at keeping down the clutter that can find its way into our lives and homes.

To keep clutter at bay, make and keep a resolution to donate something you already have when you bring something new into your home.

  • If you decide you have to have that new linen blouse, donate a blouse already hanging In your closet to make room. 
  • Likewise, donate an old book to make room for that new exciting read on your bookshelf. 

 Holding to this one little resolution can keep you from accumulating too much stuff for your space and it’s a great way to make some quality items available to those in need.



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