Organizing with Technology: Use Google Docs to Plan Your Wedding

Planning a wedding should be joyful, but it’s often hard to find joy in a process with so many pieces to organize. When my husband and I started our wedding planning, he brilliantly suggested that we use Google Docs to organize our ideas, to-do lists, invite list, and vendor contacts.

Google Docs is an online office suite available to anyone with a Google account. It works just like other office suites such as Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and Power Point. With it, you can create just about any kind of document.

To get started, go to page will introduce you to the document options and how to setup an account.

The main benefit of Google Docs is constant accessibility. Instead of trying to compare notes throughout the week on various stickies and computers, this simple and familiar program allowed us to collaborate with ease even when we were apart.

The knowledge that all of the information was always up-to-date gave us a lot of peace of mind during an otherwise hectic process.

We’ve since used Google Docs to keep track of to-do items for the house, ideas for vacations, and packing lists for camping and other regular trips. I’m sure you’ll find lots of interesting and fun ways to incorporate Google Docs into your life as well!

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