Home Organizing: Board Games

I recently met a family who has dozens and dozens of board games that they like to play with friends. The problem is that when they want to play, they can’t remember what all their choices are.

So I suggested two things:

1.  Keep all the board games together. Currently, the games are stored in at least four different locations. Bringing them all together will ultimately make them easier to find and, therefore, to enjoy.

2. Create a visual catalog of the games. Use a digital camera or the internet to get photos of each game box. Then create a print-out of all the pictures, put them in a binder or folder, and store it with other entertainment options (movies, video games, etc).

When it’s time to play, flip through the catalog to remember what you have. Using photos rather than simply a written list of games is helpful because many people don’t remember the actual names of games.

Now, finding the best game for your guests and your mood isn’t just a roll of the dice!

Image: posterize / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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