Hugo’s Amazing Tape: Product Review


I learned of Amazing Tape– this reusable tape product some time ago when I saw it in use at a game store my husband frequently visits.  The cool aspect of this product is that it does not stick to other things the way traditional tape does, it only sticks to itself and is reusable.  It looks like tape, is a little thicker than regular scotch tape and is very versatile.

The package claims the product has 100’s of uses.  I’m sure if I was a bit more creative with it I could figure out a few other uses, but at this time this is how it has been most useful to me:


  • Holding game cards together
  • Holding game box lids securely on the box
  • Taming rolls of wrapping paper


Something you have to be aware of; this product is intended to be used in a similar fashion to an elastic band (except it does not dry out like elastic bands do)- not exactly like you would expect to use tape.  You would not have any luck wrapping a gift with the Amazing Tape.  

The nice thing about the Amazing Tape is that you can cut it to the exact size you need and it can be removed cleanly then reused.  It is available in a transparent color much like scotch tape so it will not look unsightly.  It does come in varying widths and a few colors as well.  

I’d be curious to hear if you are familiar with this product and how you find it most helpful.  When you purchase the product the packaging offers use ideas and photos to get the creative juices flowing!


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