What to Do with Not-Quite-Dirty Laundry

Do you have a pile of clothes on the floor or near your dresser that you’ve worn once but could wear again before washing? 

Do those clothes lay in a pile for so long that they get all wrinkled?  Are you tired of seeing a perpetual pile of not-quite-dirty clothes in your bedroom?  Well, here is an idea for keeping the pile off the floor and the clothes from getting wrinkled. 


I have a row of hooks hanging inside my closet door.  That’s where I hang my once-worn pants and shirts.  (Note: hang clothes by belt loops or clothing tags in order to prevent those unfortunate “bumps” that develop when cloth hangs on hooks for too long.)  When possible and appropriate, I wear the clothes hanging on the hooks before I take fresh clothes off their hangers. 

Now there’s no pile of clothes on the floor or on the dresser!


Image: Suat Eman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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