Re-defining “Organized” after Having Children

I recently ran into an old friend who was telling me about how her idea of what an “organized home” looks like has changed since she’s had children.

Before she had children, my friend was very particular about how her home looked.  Now, she has three children (including an infant) and all the equipment and toys that come with them.

Did I mention that her family lives in a two bedroom apartment and that she works from home while her husband is getting his Ph.D.?

Yes, her definition of “organized” had to change in order for her to keep her sanity.  The toys are going to be in every room of the house.  The school work is going to live on the kitchen counter.  Her office work is going to have to be in her bedroom.  And that’s OK with her.

Sometimes we have to pick our battles in order to save our sanity.  My friend’s home is small and full, but she can still find what she needs when she needs it.  Her home is functional.  Her family runs smoothly because she is organized.  It just doesn’t look like what she used to think “organized” looks like.

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