The Secret Weapon for Constant Decluttering: The Donation Box

In my closet, I have a very important box.  Depending on the time of year, it can range from completely empty to completely full.  I love this box because it helps me in my quest to keep our home clutter-free.  It’s my Donation Box.

Right now, inside my donation box are:

  • some decorative items that we no longer love (but are still in good shape)
  • electronic equipment that we don’t use anymore but could be really helpful to someone else
  • some clean clothes that no longer fit

On the outside of my Donation Box is a label with the phone number of a charity which picks up my donations.  As soon as the box is full, I call the number on the label to schedule a pick-up.  Then, I put the label with the phone number on a new box and put it in the closet to collect any future donations.

For a list of charities in your area, check out the article on “Where to Get Rid of Anything.”

Where can you keep a Donation Box in your home?

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