Preparing for Hurricane Irene- Emergency Preparations

Did you know that September is National Disaster Preparedness Month?

And with most of the east coast battening down the hatches and preparing for the oncoming hurricane, I decided that I would share what we are doing this weekend to be a bit more prepared for what might come.

Here’s our list:

  1. Gather flashlights and check batteries.
  2. Fill all pitchers and water bottles with boiled or filtered water.
  3. Charge all portable electronics- cell phones, laptops, kindle, extra battery pack case for my iPhone.
  4. Fill bathtub with water to flush the toilet or cook.
  5. Confirm we have matches to light our gas stove. 
  6. Get batteries for my boombox- as our source of radio transmissions.
  7. Do all laundry and dishes in case of long-term power outage.
  8. Put collars on my cats and decide where and how they will weather the storm (probably in a closet w/ food, water, and a litterbox).
  9. Remove window A/C Units.
  10. Talk to neighbors and remove all loose items from the area that might get picked up and tossed around by the storm.
  11. Secure anything I’d be heartbroken to lose: my cats, our computers & printer, my journals & capture books.

What are you doing to prepare for the storm?

1 comments on “Preparing for Hurricane Irene- Emergency Preparations

  1. This is a great list, Erin! We’ve also been preparing for Irene and done the following:


    • Purchased extra supplies at market like dried fruit, nuts, water, batteries
    • Created a hard copy list of all emergency numbers (family, friends, neighbors, vendors, resources, police, doctors etc…) in case electronic devices don’t work
    • Made list of Grab & Go items if we need to evacuate including clothing, flashlights, batteries, toilet paper, prescriptions, electronics & chargers, first aid kit, hand crank radio, tent, sleeping bags & pillows etc…
    • Filled cars up with gas
    • Got extra cash
    • Checked in on family’s whereabouts
    • Discussed our “Meet up” spot/location
    • Checked out local news, websites, preparedness sites
    • Moved outdoor objects inside
    • Collected flashlights & put in new batteries


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