7 Tips to Add Wellness to Your Daily Life

In our very busy modern lives, we tend to run from one appointment to the next, jumping from task to task as if we were in a race of “who-can-get-more-done-in-a-day.”  But how do we feel at the end of the day?  If it’s tired, grumpy, frazzled, or stressed, it’s time to take a fresh look at your “To Do List” and to add YOU as a priority! 

You might find yourself saying, “I just don’t have time,” but hear me out.  What if you could add in each day just a couple of simple things that would benefit your overall well-being – like time to rest, eat and exercise?  I’ll tell you what would happen.  You would become the best version of yourself!  You would be happier, more energetic, and more effective.  You would be crossing things off of your list, but not pushing so hard that you are worn out and exhausted at the end of the day.

How do we add more to our calendars without making our life more jam-packed?  We can do it with simple adjustments and small changes that can fit easily into our schedules and give us a bit of a boost to accomplish more.

Here are 7 simple activities to incorporate health and well-being into your daily life:

  1. Stretch.  Sitting idly for long periods at a desk is detrimental to your health.  Get up at least every two hours to stretch.  Here’s a link for some great stretches you can do at your desk.
  2. Walk.  Incorporate as much walking into your day as possible.  Everyone can fit at least 20 minutes into their day, but if it’s really difficult to find the time, take small initiatives by finding opportunities to walk throughout your day.  While it’s tempting to seek that parking spot closest to your destination, try to take the farther place and get a few extra steps in during the day. 
  3. Take the stairs.  It does not take any longer to walk up three flights of stairs as it does to take the elevator, and the stairs do wonders for your heart and for your derriere!
  4. Meal Planning.  By planning your meals and snacks ahead of time and taking some healthy foods with you on the go or to the office, you will be less likely to grab an energy-draining and unhealthy food choice.  Almonds and apples are my two favorite on-the-go options for energy.
  5. Water.  If you don’t have one already, get yourself a refillable water container and use it.  Bring it full in the morning and re-fill it regularly.  Even better, make regular trips to the water cooler or sink – adding water AND walking to your day!
  6. Play.  Set a date night with your partner or a night out with friends at least once a month during the week or every other week.  Just a couple of hours to unwind, get out of the rut, and chat it up with friends and loved ones will help you recharge.
  7. Rest.  On average, adults need a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night.  As you begin to increase your exercise during the day, you will likely begin to sleep better as well.  I am a big believer in naps, but even finding a few minutes to close your eyes and to take some deep breaths will amaze you with how much better you can feel.

Don’t leave your health and well-being to chance.  Plan these as part of your day and make them non-negotiable so you will feel better, work better, and live better.   

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