Getting Organized:Tips From a Life Coach

I had a great conversation recently with my friend and colleague, Deidre Danahar of In Motion Consulting and Coaching about my favorite topic – ORGANIZING.  Deidre was preparing for a television segement on how to get organized – something we both feel passionate about.  In my coaching practice, and now in my organizing work, I continue to marvel at the personal growth that happens when life feels calmer, more orderly, and supportive. Deidre’s BLOG 12 Tips for Geting Organized offers some simple ways to kick-start a more organized life.

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  1. Thanks Susan for the shout-out in the Living Peace Blog. I just hung up the phone with a person who saw my interview, looked at the article that grew from it, who said they plan to call a local professional organizer! She is in Atlanta, and wishes you and Living Peace were too. Together we are helping people create their best, most productive fulfilling and calm lives.

    All my best,

    Deirdre Danahar, InMotion Consulting and Coaching, LLC

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