What “Glee” Taught Me About Organizing.

It just so happens that my kids and I are “Gleeks”, the term used for fans of the show.  It’s one of the few programs on TV that we can agree on and watch together.  But it was a recent episode where I found myself especially enthralled – the cast was dealing with issues of grief, transitions and organizing!

In one story line, the music teacher Will was packing up his apartment with help from his friend and fellow teacher Emma, who is super-organized.  With three boxed labeled by their final destination, “Take”, “Give” and “Throw Away”, Emma explained to Will that there comes a time when you have to let go of the past.  As she sorted through his extensive collection of vests, it became very clear that Will was emotionally attached to this collection.  Recalling the story of each vest she picked up for his designation, Emma helped him realize that it was time to move on.  He would be starting a new chapter of his life and, as in our own lives, when that happens we need to reevaluate and make the sometimes difficult decisions about what goes and what stays.  In the end, it was Emma who was admittedly having trouble letting go and was seen wearing one of Will’s vests.

Later in the program, organizing came up again with a different cast member.  Sue, the typically bad-tempered teacher, showed her vulnerability as she dealt with the sudden loss of her sister.  Not able to handle the overwhelming grief, she could not pack up her sister’s belongings.  Recognizing the shock and anger their teacher was feeling, two students volunteered to help out and pack things up for her.  They went in and boxed everything up by category – stuffed animals, clothes, and most importantly, the box of photographs and letters.  This box had been designated “keepers” by the students, a good call as we often share with our clients that these often hold a more significant place in our life.  When all was said and done, Sue made the decision to keep only one item as a keepsake and asked the students to make the rest go away.

Watching these scenarios play out on TV was reassuring to me as it reinforced the need for support during the process.  You will need help.  You will need motivation.  You will need someone to listen.  This is exactly what our team at Living Peace does – support, motivate and listen as you make these difficult decisions about what to let go of and when.   We are here for you and ready when you are.


Photo courtesy of www.tvfanatic.com

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