Asking for Help from Children

As a SuperMom wanna-be, I want to believe that I can do anything and everything for everyone in my life. I want to feed my kids delicious and healthy meals, keep a clean and neat home, perform my work duties efficiently and successfully juggle all of the errands while putting out fires as they occur. 

But once I wake up from that dream of complete fiction, I know full and well that not only is NOT possible, but it’s NOT healthy to take it all on myself.  Then, I ask for help.

Asking for help is not an admittance of failure. Instead, it is a wonderful and necessary skill, especially when the help is needed from a child.  Delegating simple household tasks will benefit the children in many ways.  Consider these life skills and healthy habits as learning opportunities:

  • Following directions
  • Respect
  • Team building
  • Strong work ethic
  • Appreciation
  • Self-care

Asking for help also shows those around you that you care and appreciate them by bestowing upon them an important duty and trusting them with a new responsibility.  And by keeping a positive attitude, you can work together and help each other get the job done.

Now that you’re ready to start asking for help, here are some helpful tips to make the delegation successful:

  • Work alongside them several times before leaving them to handle it on their own
  • Offer support and guidance as you instruct them
  • Make your expectations clear and concise
  • Show them how to use equipment safely
  • Praise them well and often for their efforts


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