Organizing Your Craft Space- Book Review

Jo Packham, author of Organizing Your Craft Space, has written numerous crafting books.  After years of focusing on how to do crafts, she decided it was time to write a book about organizing and making the most of your craft space.  Her book looks at multiple crafts including stained glass/mosaics, rubber stamping/stencling, scrapbooking/paper crafts, beading, yarn crafts/needlework and quilting.

My favorive aspect of the book was that Packham interviewed crafters and used images of their spaces as examples. The book is packed with color photos of spaces with organizing ideas and is easy to read.  I found the spaces featured were full of antiques and flea market finds.  While I could appreciate the repurposing of some items (for example a cake stand being used to hold keys by the door), the items did not always suit my minimalist style.  The concepts of using clear containers, whether antique glass jars or tupperware, with emphasis on labeling the containers were reiterated throughout the book.

What I did not like about the book; the recommendation by a few interviwed crafters to “purchase items (baskets/containers) you may see at an antique store or flea market even if you do not have a purpose for it yet.”  I am avidly opposed to purchasing any containers without knowing what it will be used for and where it will live.  If you absolutely love an item but don’t  know where it will live in your craft space, take measurements of it and go home to assess your storage space and what you may need to containerize.

I would recommend that anyone who does any crafts take a look at this resource to see how items in your home may be re-purposed. 


About Hillary Adams Case

Hillary believes you should never have to question where your keys are; everything has a home. After helping friends and family to get organized for years, they finally encouraged her to make professional organizing her career. Committed to always learning new skills and techniques, Hillary is constantly expanding the ideas she brings to working with her clients. With a joy and passion for finding “Green” solutions, Hillary is delighted to help clients find ways to dispose of items through recycling and donation in order to live lighter on our planet. When not working as an organizer, Hillary enjoys being at the ocean and “using her green thumb” with houseplants. Hillary is also an animal-lover and advocates the need to create healthy space in our homes for ourselves and our four-legged friends.

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