Living Peace Organizer Susan Stone Featured in Marblehead Patch

Susan Stone has been a banker on Wall Street, a psychotherapist at Harvard, worked in Admissions at the Tower School, been a docent in the Peabody Essex Museum and involved in a number of Marblehead boards and committees. But it’s her current career, she finds the most passion in.

A life-long North Shore resident, Stone received a Bachelor’s degree in Economics/East Asian Studies from Wellesley and an MBA and MSW from Simmons. She has lived in Marblehead since 1991 after growing up in Nahant and living for a few years in New York and Boston.

Through her social work, Stone found a common thread.

“I had a private Life Coaching practice in Marblehead at the time and I noticed that my clients who were the most “stuck” and unable to move forward all complained about being disorganized and feeling their stuff was in the way,” Stone said.  “When I read the Living Peace Web site it clicked that I could help people move toward their dreams by helping them make room for those dreams to grow – physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.”

With that, Stone took steps towards becoming a certified professional organizer. An active member of NAPO – NE’s (National Association of Professional Organizers, New England) Web site committee, Stone is now a professional organizer with Living Peace, LLC, New England’s largest professional organizing company.

“What I know for sure is that mess=stress, whether the mess is with things, thoughts or habits. I hold my client’s vision of what their “just right” life can be – and then we work together towards making it a reality,” Stone said. “Often it’s rolling up my sleeves and joining my clients in some serious de-cluttering; other times it’s helping them create strategies for adopting new behaviors that enhance their productivity and task management skills. One of my favorite clients found space in her life for yoga and music lessons once she found space for herself in her surroundings. Now these facets of her life help nurture and inspire each other.”

Stone’s favorite thing about working with Living Peace is the change she sees.

“I love working with others who are excited about making big changes through small steps and consistently strive for excellence.”

Stone said that if someone is finding themselves stuck and not sure how to make a change, then contact her.

“If you’re curious about learning new ways of looking at your life and are ready to let go of the things that are holding you back from living your dreams, contact me.”

Susan asserts that the Living Peace motto fits in perfectly with the lifestyle and values of the Marblehead community.

“Deciding to work with LP is deciding to invest in yourself to learn the process of clearing away the clutter and adopting new behaviors. Our goal is to not only help you make changes happen, but to help you try new ways of approaching problems so that you have those tools available in the future,” Stone said. “We’re good Yankees in this town of Marblehead – and we like to get ongoing value for our investments.”

If you are interested in contacting Susan to talk more about her role at Living Peace, LLC, you can find her on their website.

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