Advice for When You Have Inherited Belongings from a Loved One

Erin Elizabeth Wells, Founder and CEO of Living Peace, was interviewed by Chris Vasiliadis, Certified Wellness Coach and host of “Energizing You” on December 27, 2010 .  They discussed the issue of organizing “Inherited belongings.”

At some point in all of our lives, we are likely to face the experience of inheriting belongings that are not ours. Erin explains why organizing inherited belongings can be SO DIFFERENT from any other decisions in your life and explores how the grief process relates and affects the organizing process.  Erin also explains the three stages of the organizing process: Releasing, Cleansing, and Healing so that you can make decisions that honor their life without losing track of yours.

Vasiliadis coaches individuals and groups through her company Priority Wellnes.

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