Making Something out of Something Else

You’ve probably head the saying “making something out of nothing.” Usually, this sentiment is offered when someone is making a bigger deal out of something than necessary.  However, when it comes to organizing, I say, “make something out of something else.”  It can be a very effective creative philosophy to hold when attempting to organize your office, home, or life in general.

For instance, you know that shoe holder that hangs over your closet door but rarely holds shoes?  Why not think outside the box and use it instead to organize your paperwork, or kids’ toys and books, or office/craft supplies?

Just because someone tells you “this is a dog’s water bowl” doesn’t mean it can’t alternatively be used as a funky candy dish or a place to keep loose change.

So before you go out and buy a predetermined gadget or basket, look around your home or office (with a fresh new eye) and see if you can’t make something out of something else yourself.

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