Home Organizing: 7 ways organizing can benefit your social life

If I could only tell you the number of times that we have had clients tell us: “I never have friends over because I’m too embarrassed about how my home looks.”

Or, “My friends and family are constantly annoyed because I’m so disorganized, and I’m constantly running late.” Just last week a client told us that (other then her son and his wife) she hadn’t had anyone over in at least 3 years.

One of the under-estimated costs of disorganization is the increased sense of social isolation or embarrassment about the state of your life. Therefore, allow me to highlight several ways in which becoming more organized can improve your relationships and social life (as well as your own functionality and peace of mind.)

  1. Invite friends and family over for dinners or just for coffee more often.
  2. Be able to host family events again: Birthdays, holidays, anniversary parties, etc., and support your family coming together in your home.
  3. Help your children to feel better about having friends over by creating space for them to play and enjoy themselves.
  4. Improve your dating life by making your home a welcoming space for possible partners (both in and outside the bedroom.)
  5. Setup your public spaces to host that quarterly potluck party that you and your friends have been excited about starting.
  6. Help your family (or other housemates) to feel more comfortable and peaceful in your home and increase their desire to spend quality family bonding time at home (which is usually less expensive than going out.)
  7. Learn to manage your time better in order to be ON TIME for work meetings and social events.

How else can you imagine organizing might improve your relationships and social life?

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