The Great Big Simple Solution

You know how they say, “out of sight, out of mind.”  Well, I have found this to be especially true when trying to keep track of my family’s schedule.  I couldn’t keep it all straight without a visual reminder.  In our family’s busy life, we needed a simple solution for the big challenge of tracking our often chaotic schedules.   

 Two years ago, after a few failed attempts, we finally found the perfect solution.  We began using a desk calendar mounted on a wall.  The oversized squares leave me plenty of room to add my appointments, all of the kids activities and my husband’s meetings, while color-coding each of our entries makes it easy to see in a quick glance who is where.

The calendar is mounted in the hallway where everyone can see it and make changes or check for availability.  It’s not fancy, not high-tech, but it works and just maybe this simple solution will work for you too.

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