Benefits of Getting Organized: Daily Living Made Easier

Just as my friend Hillary pointed out that being organized can help you save money and Susan pointed out how being organized allows us to feel more calm and confident, I want to share a few true stories from my experiences with clients about how being organized can make your day-to-day living less hectic.

Being Organized Saves Time in the Mornings

Sam’s morning routine became much more manageable when we organized his 5-year-old son’s clothes.  When we began working together, his son had no dresser and his clothes were piled in the seat of a rocking chair.  Finding appropriate clothes for his son each morning was nerve-wracking…not a nice way to start the day.  Now his son can choose his own clothes very easily because each category of clothing has its own drawer in a dresser, which we picked out together. 

Being Organized Means You Don’t Have to Do Everything
Sheila came up with a system for handling the paperwork her boys bring home from school each day.  When they get home in the afternoon, they unload their backpacks and put all papers in a tray on the kitchen counter.  After they go to bed, Sheila fills out and signs the forms that need her attention and then puts everything that needs to go back to school in a folder (one for each boy) in the tray.  The boys are in charge of putting the folders in their backpacks before going to school.  No more lost permission slips!  Sheila is surprised at how easily the boys have gotten into the habit of being responsible for their paperwork.

Being Organized Keeps the Paperwork under Control
Laura’s home was being taken over by stacks of unopened mail, bills to be paid, and important papers relating to Laura’s current degree program.  Bills were not getting paid on time.  Time-sensitive course papers were getting lost.  There was no place to keep important papers safe.  So we set up a paper station right by her front door using items already in her home: paper trays, filing box, shredder and recycling bag.  Now, Laura knows exactly what to do with the mail.  She knows where to look to find her bills.  Her registration and financial aid paperwork is safe and accessible.  We also assigned a time each week when Laura spends 30 minutes paying bills and filing papers.  By establishing this routine, the paperwork never builds up to the point of being overwhelming.

These are just a few examples of how our clients have found daily life more peaceful after getting organized.  They all think it was worth the time and effort, and I enjoy seeing how much calmer and more joyful they are now.  If these stories remind you of something you are struggling with yourself, we would love to help you too!

Photo: Fleur Suijten

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