Benefits of Getting Organized: Better Self Image

You’re such a slob!  You’re so lazy!  You just don’t care. You were born disorganized and you’ll never be any better!  You’re hopeless, messy, careless…. 

Would you let anybody say that to someone you love? Of course not.  But how many times have you said that silently to yourself?

What does all this negative self talk cost you?  Does it empower you or make you feel like throwing up your hands? Does it call forward your strengths or underscore a sense of defeat? Imagine how you might feel if you saw that you could take back control of your things and your tasks. How would you talk to yourself differently if you could find things easily because you knew just where to look, if you could have friends drop by without that sense of panic, if you felt secure in knowing that your bills were paid on time?

The feeling of peace that comes from living an organized life is possible.  The skills are learnable.  The results are attainable.  The self-talk is changeable. And if you want expert and compassionate help with this process – the Professional Organizers at Living Peace are always available.

Photo:  House of Sims/Flickr

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