An Organizer Buddy: 6 Reasons NOT to Organize Alone

Whether you’re reorganizing your kitchen, garage, clothes closet, or filing system, having someone there to help you get it done can be invaluable. No matter whether that person is a professional organizer, a neighbor, or your best friend, consider these benefits to finding your organizer buddy.

  1. Finish Faster -with 2 people working you’ll be done twice as fast.
  2. Share the Laughs– when you trip over that box for the third time, discover the crazy gag gift from your college birthday party, or find the 12th bottle of toothpaste (did you really think you were running out again?!?), working with an organizer buddy means you will automatically have someone to laugh and share it with. 
  3. Share the Pain– Whether physical labor or emotional upset, digging through years of your personal history can be taxing, frightening, grueling, and overwhelming. Having a witness and partner in the experience can definitely ease the burden. 
  4. Stay Focused– It’s so easy to start a project sometimes, but sticking with it to get it done can be a real challenge. With an organizer buddy whose main job is to keep you focused on getting it done, you can actually keep working and make genuine process for longer. 
  5. Accountability-If your project will take more than a single afternoon (which most of them do, BTW), then having someone else share your goal and check-in on your progress can be a great motivator. 
  6. Fresh Eyes– You see your world everyday through the same mindset and routines. Your buddy might have new ideas or suggestions that could make your everyday life easier.

Organizing is almost always better together than alone. Just make sure your buddy is understanding, compassionate, and motivated to help you succeed.

1 comments on “An Organizer Buddy: 6 Reasons NOT to Organize Alone

  1. I just have to underline the importance of an “organizer buddy.”  Just yesterday, Amanda helped me address a project that had been “shelved” for 7 or 8 years, with all the guilt and bad feelings that something like that can engender.  We worked hard, made some frustrating mistakes, re-focused, fixed the mistakes, started again, accidentally stepped on bubble wrap, laughed, and at the end celebrated a job well done.  With all the emotional baggage attached to this project, I’m sure I would have gotten discouraged and down.  The fact is:  I simply could not have done it myself!  Now it is done and I’m enjoying the results.  Thanks, Amanda!

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