Oh happy day! Post-It Brand Removable Labels!

The sticky note has become one of those indespensible tools for both home and office.  But sticky notes have their limitations.  Sometimes that little strip of temporary adhesive just isn’t enough.  Post-It has solved the problem.  Removable labels!

And not just in one size or in one color.  Post-It has made labels in many colors and in virtually every size (from a small round label to a full-sized 8.5″ x 11″ sheet label).  And of course there are templates available for the file folder labels and the name tag labels so you can run them through your printer.

Some ideas for where you might use these nifty labels:

  • tupperware in the fridge (whose lunch is whose?)
  • storage boxes, especially if they aren’t transparent
  • binders and folders for each subject at school
  • marking prices at yard sales (no sticky residue)
  • indicating where furniture goes when moving

This last example really helped us during our recent move.  I printed the names of the rooms in the new house on different colored labels.  Each large piece of furniture and each box was labeled with its destination.  On moving day, I didn’t need to tell our moving crew where each item needed to go.  They could unload the truck and take items directly to where I wanted them.  Because the labels are removable, I could put them on any type of surface and material and not worry about ruining wood finishes or leaving a tacky residue.

These little gems seem to be hard to find, so visit the Post-It Brand Removable Labels website for where you can find them locally.  You can also get them online at Amazon.com.

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