What do “Organizing” and “Nourishing” have in common?

The title of my most recent presentation is “Nourishing Home, Peaceful Life,” and I’m sure there are a few people out there wondering whether I’ve gone on a health food kick or something.

The answer is No. My favorite foods still have far more fat and sugar in them than any respectable dietician would approve. Nevertheless, in the past year I have been thinking frequently about what we each do to nourish ourselves; beyond just physically, but emotionally, mentally, and perhaps most important, spiritually.

I find that in general we Americans (and indeed most North Americans I meet… Canadians included) are horribly malnourished on so many levels. We seem to live in a world of feast or famine with very little ground in between. Either over- or under-stimulated in each sphere of our lives.

As an organizer, and particularly one with our whole-life ”holistic” approach, I wanted to explore the question of how our homes could be structured and organized to more fully nourish the many levels of need in our lives.

How can we take better care of our physical beings through the arrangement of our homes?

How can we support & care for our emotional needs and our relationships with those we love by altering or improving the organization of our homes?

With our minds racing faster than ever and constantly being bombarded with new information, how can our systems for managing our clarity, focus, and information retrieval be improved? 

Finally, in an age that simultaneously seeks connection with and yet feels increasingly disconnected from the natural & divine world, how can we manifest and demonstrate those values and connections in our homes and daily lives?

These are the questions which I hope to explore together during this insightful, new workshop.
I hope you will join us tonight in Beverly at The Healing Center, or help us bring this conversation to your group, church, or organization. Call us for more information.

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