One Size Does Not Fit All

Let’s face it, kids come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.  Their personalities, interests, and schedules are as varied as their appearances – although for a couple years there, it seemed like everyone was wearing Uggs and Northface, but I digress.

It is important to keep this truth in mind when deciding on the perfect planner for your son or daughter.  It’s not just a matter of what’s “cool” or “hip.”  The most awesome planner is useless if it’s not… well…used. 


Does your daughter need color-coding?  Space to make notes in? Big blocks for time and days?  Do the “extras” detract from or inspire organization?  Does your son need lots of color or will a simple black-and-white calendar work?  Do they need something small and easy to hold in one hand, or do they like big and chunky?  Does the texture of the planner make a difference?  I think you are getting the idea:  Take into account who your child is and what makes them tick.  Make sure you consult your son or daughter and together find a planner that fits both you and your child, in looks and personality.


Some websites to visit that offer a variety of planners are: – This site has planners for primary, elementary, middle school, and high school. It also has a place where you can customize your own planner…and anyone who has ever met a kid knows they LOVE to customize their stuff. – This site has planners for middle school and high school.  It also offers a lot more for parents, students, and teachers.  For parents, there is a message board, project recipes, a Creative Corner, and advice.  For students, there are tips and tools for staying on top of things and educational, interactive games.  And for the teachers, it offers classroom ideas and worksheets to copy. – This site offers planners for elementary, middle school, high school, and college.  What makes this site unique is that it also has planners specifically useful for students with special needs, especially those with ADHD.


Whatever you decide, make sure it is a fun venture, and one that reflects the unique personality of your son or daughter.  And please bear in mind that no planner, no matter how tailor-made it is, will clean your kids’ room or make them do their homework.  This is another truth worth remembering.

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