Never Underestimate the Power of a Simple Solution

I love when we can discover a simple solution to resolve a client’s challenge.
Recently, my staff member Amy and I were meeting for an Initial Consultation with a new client. This client had several GREAT systems and overall was very functional with primarily her storage zones needing TLC.

What was a joy was discovering that her big “Ah-ha” came from my suggestion that instead of stashing her pajamas in her bathroom drawer during the day, she could tuck them under her pillow.
She had simply never thought of that easy solution.

So often we make our lives more complex than they need to be.
What do you find yourself walking across the room each day to get?
Can you move it closer?

What tasks in your home or work life take a bunch of steps?
Are all the steps really necessary? Can you make them easier?

Not everything has to be perfect or the way your mother taught you. Look for the simple solutions.
What is one thing in your life that you could simplify TODAY?

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