Back to Work/Back to School: Making Life Easier

It’s September!  The long, lazy days of summer feel like a hall pass – but now I’m ready to get back in gear. One way I do this is to ask myself the question I ask those I coach~ “What ONE little thing can (will) you do that would help make your life just a tiny bit easier?”

What’s one trouble spot?  Is it facing a table of breakfast dishes when you come home in the afternoon? What would it take to reduce that annoyance by just a smidge? It doesn’t have to mean washing the dishes and putting them away before you leave in the morning. Maybe it’s as simple as having everyone bring their dish to the sink – or even to the kitchen counter.  Nothing big- just the tiniest change that feels easy to do.

Try it for 3 weeks.  Does it feel just a bit nicer when you come home now and the table is clear?  If you were grading that spot, would you raise it by a point or two?

Great! After that habit is built (and it usually takes 3 weeks of continual practice to form a new one) it’s time to evaluate again.  Maybe now the dishes could soak in the sink or move into the dishwasher.

You get the point. It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. What single step will move you in the direction of an easier, more peaceful, less cluttered and beautiful life?

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