My School Supply Short Cut

One of the tasks that must be completed in the back-to-school preparations is tackling the dreaded school supply list.  Prior to this year, the kids would grab their lists and we’d all jump in the car and head out to the store.  I’d push the cart while they would drop in the items on their lists, begging simultaneously for this color or that design, as we traveled up and down each aisle.  By the end, I was frustrated, exhausted and broke.

This year, I implemented a new strategy that not only simplified the process, but saved me money.  I did their supply shopping online.  I logged onto and methodically searched for each item, clicking and dropping into the shopping cart.  In the end, I saved time, money and had no stress by using this method.  And the best part – Staples delivered right to my door a couple of days later at no additional charge.   My only regret, not implementing this process years ago!

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