Organizing with Fresh Eyes

The importance of looking at things with fresh eyes simply cannot be overstated.  Editors know this to be true, which is why a minimum of three pairs of eyes read through an author’s work many times each before they submit a piece of writing to go to print.  Anyone who has ever lost anything also knows it to be true, which is why the person who has lost his or her keys is never the one to find them.

And we, as professional organizers, absolutely know it to be true, which is why we earn the big bucks (insert hearty chuckle here).  It is a thing of beauty to watch a client, who has lived with their disorganization for so long and lived in their current surroundings for too long, realize that with one small change, their whole world changes.  It may sound crazy or too simple, but to the woman who for years has been late paying her bills because the darn stamps are way over there when they could just be right here, it is a priceless gift.  And that is not overstating the matter one iota.

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